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SOMS core business its online marketing strategies for small business, such as web design, e-commerce websites, SEO, SEM & AdWords. SOMS Web delivers affordable marketing packages that will work for your business and give you ROI. Call and we will answer your question, appraise your requirements and offer you a tailored marketing solution.

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Need a Website? Since 2005 Selling Online Made Simple has been delivering the best in affordable Web Design Perth Service website development backed up with strategic online marketing. SOMS Web Design, your website will be custom designed tailor to meet your needs. Our experienced website designer will work with you to achieve the results your business requires.

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We believe in KISS web design principle, we take the time listen and understand your rudiments so that we can create a design that will convey your message, generate enquiries and make you an industry leader

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Kym Phillips - Fitness Studio Murwillumbah, NSW
We used one of SOMS Marketing strategies and got 60 new leads in 45 days! That’s over a 270% increase on our previous marketing efforts. On top of that the marketing campaign cost us a fraction compared to traditional marketing strategies.
Juan Toro - Personal Trainer, Melbourne
Working with SOMS has given me a completely new perspective on marketing and business. SOMS strategies have directly contributed to me earning over $40,000 extra per year.
Robin Clarke - Education Research Solutions, Perth, WA
It was impressive to note the efficient probing for relevant information, and the realisations gained in using the information to maximise our marketing potential. I was delighted with the strategies outlined that will improve our relationship with clients, expand our market influence, reduce costs,and increase effectiveness through the collection of valued information.
Dana Steddy - CEO, Envirocare Holdings, Perth, WA
Last year I had 4 full time staff members, thanks to SOMS custom made program, I can now run my business and fulfill my online store solo. What use to take a good 5 - 10 minutes to process an order now takes the press of a button to print the order out. It has cut my overheads by 58% and has saved me over $100,000 in wages. Their after sales customer service is fantastic, my system was very comprehensive and SOMS always a solution to the challenge. SOMS calm and professional mannerism makes them very easy to work with.
Lloyd Richardson - iBalance International, Perth
$81,235+ from just one online marketing strategy in 12 months, and it took less than 1 hr per week...


Understanding your target audience and knowing your competitor
Before you even start to build a website and start for selling online, you must understand why you are building it in the first place. A simple website design is mostly used today. Website design is important, but understanding your target audience is even more important than having a cool looking website. Researching your audiences’ buying habits and requirements is all a part of SOMS Web design process. This is built into the price of a website along with investigating your competitors. After we have collected the audience profile, we then look at what engages visitors on your site. This is what’s known as a call to action. These points need to be carefully thought out before the design process begins.
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Design to Sell
Designing your website for start selling must start with your branding. Branding is an important aspect of all businesses - from large to small. Your branding should be uniform with your business cards, letterheads, email footers, website company, staff uniforms and promotional banners. Branding needs to be handled this way so your audience feels familiar with your web page when they land on it. Your logo and corporate colours all need to be considered in your web design. Once we have established your branding profile with your design, we incorporate the data collected with your target audience and call to action research. These practices create the foundation of the website design.
Website company
Make it visible to your audience
Once your website has been built, we need to fill it with content that actually matters! In a lot of cases, people either don’t have enough content on their website, or have the extreme situation of content overload. You need to find a balance with your content. You need enough to engage your audience, but you also need to keep in mind that search engines have to be able to understand your website programmatically. SOMS is specialist ecommerce web design Perth we can balance between website design and the content as well. This is known as crawling and is the only way that search engines can categories your website to make it visible to a targeted audience. If you don’t take this aspect of content management into consideration, you will not have a website that is visible. That’s why it’s so vital to enlist the expert services of a SEO agency.
Selling Online
Easy, Fast and Cost Effective Website Design Solution for your Business!

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