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Boost Your Online Presence with SOMS WordPress Custom Design

You are probably impressed with the idea of creating and hosting a website for just a few dollars. WordPress has made it possible for virtually anyone to have an online presence with only a negligible budget and basic computer skills. If you want to stand out from the competition and run a successful online marketing campaign, you will need WordPress custom design Perth.

The difference between a WordPress theme and a customized WordPress design is a graphic designer. In the latter case, a professional has physically put in work to tweak the WordPress theme to fit your brand, image, and marketing requirements.

Why You Need a Customized WordPress Design

Although there is nothing wrong with existing WordPress themes, they are not going to get you the exposure and brand image you want to create for a successful business. In short, there is no way to tell you apart from the millions of other users in your industry who have the exact same website as you. Customization is the only way to set your brand apart and it comes with additional advantages;

Clean Website

A custom WordPress design Perth theme helps to keep everything neat and tidy. A basic WordPress theme comes with features, styles, and files that are of no use to your website. A customized theme integrates features that you actually need while getting rid of unnecessary functions to create a lean site. If your site looks busy, it’s going to interfere with the user experience.

High Speed

The basic WordPress theme is probably good enough but this is not sufficient if you want to compete in your area of business. Customization helps to optimize code and control queries which help to increase your website’s speeds. Web browsers are very picky about how they spend their time. If your pictures, videos or text are taking more than a few seconds to load, visitors will go to your competitor’s site.

Better Search Engine Optimization

WordPress custom design Perth helps you to gain more control over optimization. SEO begins with the code and structure of the website so a basic theme may be hampering your online visibility. A custom theme allows for more control to get your brand or business to the relevant target market.

Why Choose SOMS for WordPress Custom Design

Selling Online Made Simple has over a decade of experience creating, designing and customizing business websites. Our team of experts is detailed oriented down to the fonts and colors that best represent your business on the online platform. Our graphic designers strip your website down to the bare bones and build up to a website that dominates the competition in your industry.